What is it like to work with International Coin Alliance?

Reliable and Spot-on

I’ve always had an avid interest in coin collecting and first heard about ICA while attending an Oxford Club Conference.  During their presentation, ICA held a giveaway for a gold coin and I was the winner of the drawing.  From that moment on, I’ve had multiple discussions with Dean.  His presentations are always spot-on and his pricings are always fair.  And when Dean says he will do something, I can always count on him.  I’ve been happy with every transaction and the shipments have always been on time and in the best condition.

Quick, Easy and 100% Genuine

Since 2017, I’ve worked directly with Al and every transaction has been quick and easy and there has never been a problem with delivery.  I can count on the fact, with 100% certainty, that the pieces are 100% genuine.  ICA also offers terms for higher priced pieces which makes finding new and rare pieces so much easier and a hassle-free experience.  I have complete faith in ICA’s integrity.

No High-Pressure Sales Pitch

My first transaction with ICA was shortly after meeting Al in 2016 at the Stansbury Conference in Las Vegas.  Early on, Al and I discussed the kind of coins I was interested in and he has been consistent on those types of coins that he recommends. For me, what I like most about ICA is the time it takes to go through a transaction.  Al will call, I listen to what he has found, he answers any questions I have and then we are done.  There is no pressure sales pitch.  It’s just information on the coin or sets of coins and then my decision.  Personally, I like their system – it works for me.

Friendly and Professional

I had never heard of ICA until meeting Al and Keith while on vacation in Costa Rica in 2019.  I attended a conference that they were also at, and they taught me a tremendous amount about ICA as well as the history of what they sell.  I was instantly intrigued and was ready to add some more value to my portfolio.  ICA allows me to find new ways to invest.  Instead of investing in stocks, for example, I am now able to invest in the interesting coins and products that ICA finds that will never lose value.  They contact me any time they find a coin that is new and interesting that they feel I may like.  If I don’t like something they recommend, I never feel pressured into the purchase.  Al and Keith are conveniently available through email, call or texts, which makes it very easy for me.   Because ICA cares about their customers, we have even been able to build a friendly bond, while also keeping it professional.  I have been extremely satisfied and appreciative of their efforts.  They are continuously working with me to increase the value of my portfolio so that my family can be taken care of in the future.

Knowledge is Unmatched

We’ve been working with Dean since 2019 and he is the reason we have bought from ICA.   We first met Dean at the International Living Conference in Ecuador.  He is smart, personable, and nothing like a high-pressure salesperson – which we despise. He is also funny, and we know he has us in mind with every opportunity he presents to us. We appreciate his help and his letting us know when a good investment is available. Dean is always courteous, polite, and professional in his dealings with us. His knowledge and attention to detail is unmatched, and we always like hearing from him, whether we purchase coins or not.