A Brief History of the Panda Coin

Forty Years of Panda (1982-2022) The Chinese Panda coin has been arguably the number one most popular coin in the world since its first striking, forty years ago. Coin collectors worldwide can’t wait to get their hands on the new designs each year. Their low mintages and limited-edition designs make the Panda coins a great […]Read More

How to be a successful collector? 3 Keys to the Kingdom

There are three things to consider when investing in collectibles. We like to refer to them as, The Keys to the Kingdom. Whether it’s purely for pleasure, to gain status or prestige, or for potential long-term profit, these three keys should be considered if you’d like to have success with your collection. The number one […]Read More

Three Advantages of Numismatics

There are many benefits to collecting coins! Read on to discover our three favorite reasons! Private Transactions One incredible benefit of purchasing collectible coins is that these transactions are private and anonymous. No one needs to know you have these coins and unlike gold bars or real estate, there is no reporting required. Easy to […]Read More

Is Your Coin Collection…Enough?

When you love coins like we do, it feels like you can never have enough, but our team at International Coin Alliance can help you get one step closer!  Read More