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With over 50 years in the coin game, the relationships built by our industry experts exceed that of the everyday collector. Our dedicated team is passionate about sharing exclusive opportunities with our clients and connecting collectors with that hard-to-find coin. We seek to help legacy collectors and beginning numismatists alike advance their collections at the best prices possible.

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Rare & Historical Coins

Determining the rarity of a coin is one of the key factors in establishing its value. From rare national coin finds to international discoveries, browse our selection of limited releases and ancient pieces.

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Collectible coins and uncirculated sets will add value to any portfolio. Our wide collection of featured authentic coins and sets have been curated by our experienced numismatists to offer you some of the best coins in today’s market.

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We work with mints around the world sourcing collectible sets of their most popular coins. Our coin sets allow you to build a collection that will stand the test of time.

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Our mission is to help our clients improve and add value to their collections and portfolios at the very best prices possible.

As full time specialists, with over 50 years of numismatic expertise, we at International Coin Alliance have earned a solid reputation for customer satisfaction throughout today’s complex market. Founded by longtime industry experts, ICA has experience with tens of millions of dollars in collectible coin sales. Recognized as leaders in the industry, we have established partnerships with mints from around the world such as British Pobjoy Mint, the oldest private mint in the world, with International Coin Alliance operating as their Special Services Department.

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Numismatic Advantages

  •  Private Transactions
  •  Portable
  •   Transferrable
  • Additional Values: Historic, Legal Tender, Numismatic, Collectible and Bullion Metal Value

Numismatic Disadvantages

  •   Recommend holding onto your coins for 3-5 years to appreciate
  •  When you want to liquidate DO NOT take your coins to a coin dealer – you will realize your greatest profits at an auction


The first gold Panda coin released in 1982. The 2022 gold Panda, 40 years since his conception.

Forty Years of Panda (1982-2022) The Chinese Panda coin has been arguably the number one most popular coin in the world since its first striking, forty years ago. Coin collectors worldwide can’t wait to get their hands on the new designs each year. Their low mintages and limited-edition designs make the Panda coins a great […]Read More

There are three things to consider when investing in collectibles. We like to refer to them as, The Keys to the Kingdom. Whether it’s purely for pleasure, to gain status or prestige, or for potential long-term profit, these three keys should be considered if you’d like to have success with your collection. The number one […]Read More

There are many benefits to collecting coins! Read on to discover our three favorite reasons! Private Transactions One incredible benefit of purchasing collectible coins is that these transactions are private and anonymous. No one needs to know you have these coins and unlike gold bars or real estate, there is no reporting required. Easy to […]Read More

International Coin Alliance’s mission is to help our clients improve and add value to their collections and portfolios at the very best prices possible.


“Since I have been working with ICA, all transactions have been quick, easy, and I have never had a problem with delivery.

I can count on the fact with 100% certainty that the pieces are 100% genuine and I have complete faith in ICA’s integrity.”

Karl K.

“My ICA sales rep has a knack for knowing what coins I am interested in. His presentations are always spot-on and his pricing is fair.

In addition, when he says he will do something, I can always count on him. Shipments have always been on time and in best condition.”

Frank S.

“For me, it takes time to go through a transaction. ICA listens and answers any questions I have. There is no pressure sales pitch, it’s just the information that I need and then my decision.”

Tim R.

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