Collector exclusives

Our rarest and most valuable coins sell out within hours of us acquiring them. Our dedicated staff work for you to find the best coins to add to your portfolio. Contact a member of our team TODAY to gain access to exclusive opportunities that are unavailable to our web-clientele.

International Coin Alliance has handled multiple bronze and silver Libertas Americana medals for our clients – one of the most rare and valuable coins in history. Our founder, Keith Jacobsen, is considered an expert on the Libertas Americana and was honored at the 2021 World’s Fair of Money by American Numismatic Association (ANA) President with a certificate acknowledging his contribution to the advancement of numismatics by sharing his knowledge of the Libertas Americana.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s 5oz 99.9% silver Maple Leaf was the most popular of all the coins launched at the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money in 2021. The special 25th anniversary privy mark, multi-facet design with 3D elements, and extremely small mintage made these sell out almost immediately! ICA was able to secure a limited amount and get them into the hands of our clients.

Among the world’s first coinage, the ancient Athenian Owl, was the first coin with a full design on both sides! We secured a limited amount for our clients, that were among the finest examples of this coin we had ever seen. Considered to be in the top ten Ancient coins, this coin was also featured on the cover of “Money of the Bible” by Ken Bressett.

The first one-ounce Gold Doubloon produced by the Spanish Royal Mint in over 200 years! Considered the first global coinage, the Spanish Gold Doubloon was circulated and hoarded by Conquistadors, Troubadours, Smugglers, Patriots, Pirates and Tradesmen, and played a prominent role in the fortunes of the New World!

CIT’s Majestic Eagle was released at the 2020 World Money Fair to showcase their newest Smartminting© technology. These coins were featured in numerous numismatic publications and sold out almost instantly! We secured a handful of the original 999 minted for worldwide distribution and were able to connect out clients with these stunning 2oz silver coins.

In 2022, the Royal Canadian Mint released their first ever Ultra High Relief Maple Leaf collection. Only 600 of the pure gold one-ounce coins were minted for worldwide release, and only 166 were graded a Perfect Proof 70 FDI! We were able to acquire these highly collectible gold coins, as well as the first Ultra High Relief silver coins released that year as well.

Incredibly low mintage Pandas – only 88, that’s right, eighty-eight, were minted! These highly coveted Pandas were released in 88grams of pure 99.9% gold. First Day of Issue and graded at flawless Proof-70 Ultra Cameo. We were able to connect this incredibly rare coin to our most dedicated Panda collectors.

Two-ounce silver double-thick mint error Pegasus coin –after this coin was struck with the second die, they went to put the frosting on the surface, so they struck it one last time with the frosting die and mistakenly used the 1oz die! So instead of reading “Ag.999 2 ounce,” it looks like it reads “Ag.999 12 ounce”. Only a couple hundred with this error are known to exist!

Launched by the Royal Canadian Mint at the 2020 World Money Fair, this special coin was the very first Maple Leaf with black rhodium! Only 1,500 coins were minted for worldwide distribution. ICA secured a select few of these 5oz silver coins with 24K gold & black rhodium for our clients!

Our collectors met much trouble during Covid, unable to secure certain coins that would round out their Panda collection. After many, many Covid-related delays and production backups, we were able to connect these 50g silver Panda coins – an EXCLUSIVE from the ANA’s National Money Show in 2021 – with our collectors!