2024 St. Helena – Lucky Angel 1oz Silver with Gold


A New Lucky Angel For 2024

Did you know that the original “Lucky Angel” coin dates back to the bloody and chaotic days of the French Revolution? They started out as 20 Francs gold coins with an angelic image designed by Augustin Dupre who used one to escape from the guillotine by bribing a guard with one of the coins. As a result, the French Angel gained world renown as an emblem of luck. A few years later, French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte kept one as a good luck charm that served him well up until the day he lost it on the eve of his final defeat at Waterloo in 1815. Now a new Lucky Angel has arrived ready to establish its own legacy in the numismatic world!

Crafted From Hand-Selected Planchets, Polished Dies And Multiple Strikes

This 2024-dated legal-tender £1 Lucky Angel coin was issued on behalf of Saint Helena, a tropical island nation in the South Atlantic Ocean that is part of the British Overseas Territory and the place where Napoleon spent his final days.

Elegant Design Captures The Beauty And Legacy Of The Lucky Angel Coin

The coin’s design? Magnificent! It features a beautifully feminine image crafted by famous Italian coin and medal designer and sculptor Chiara Principe that fills the surface with elegant curves. Symbolizing strength, faith, and protection, the seated angel is surrounded by her huge, feathered wings. Her wings and her look toward the heavens evocatively capture her connection to something greater than ourselves as well as illustrating her ability to work within and travel between dimensions. Look closely and you’ll see that she appears to be holding a starlight, a symbol of hope, representing both her role as a spiritual protector and her ability to rise above the material world to a higher state of being. And, in a final nod to the coin’s storied legacy, you’ll see that there are bees on either side of the word ANGEL which effectively captures the connection to Napoleon, who adopted the humble and hardworking bee as a symbol of his rule.


  • FIND GOOD LUCK WITH THE 2024 ANGEL COIN – This Lucky Angel coin designed by artist Chiara Principe features a beautiful, winged angel that symbolizes strength, faith, and protection. The coin’s obverse features a portrait of King Charles III.
  • STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE SILVER – Each Lucky Angel Coin was struck in a full ounce of highly pure 99.9% fine silver and measures 38.6 mm in diameter.
  • LEGAL-TENDER COIN – These 2024-dated One-Ounce Silver Lucky Angel Coins are £1 (one pound) legal tender in Saint Helena, a tropical island nation in the South Atlantic Ocean that is part of the British Overseas Territory.
  • GORGEOUS PROOF CONDITION – Your 2024 St. Helena £1 One-Ounce Silver Lucky Angel Coin comes in gorgeous Proof condition with frosted details rising over mirror-like fields.
  • LOW LIMITED MINTAGE – The maximum authorized mintage for the 2024 St. Helena £1 One-Ounce Silver Lucky Angel Proof with Gold Plating has been set at only 500 for worldwide release.

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