Mercanti’s The Lion and The Eagle – 1oz Gold

The British Lion-

In heraldry, a lion represents strength, courage and nobility. Conveying these qualities, lions featured on the Coats of Arms of many powerful families in medieval Europe, including on the shields and standards of British kings and queens. Lions often feature on coin designs, not only as representations of heraldry but also as meaningful symbols.

The American Eagle-

In 1782, when Congress accepted a design for the seal of the nation featuring the bald eagle, this distinctive bird became a national symbol of the United States. As an icon of freedom and strength, it has widely represented the country in a variety of ways, such as its inclusion on the nation’s coins. The Coinage Act of 1792 specified that the reverse of US gold and silver coins must feature an eagle along with the inscription ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’


John Mercanti was the former chief engraver at the U.S. Mint. He brought the mint into the digital age and he designed over 100 U.S. coins and medals. Without question Mercanti goes down in history as “the rockstar” of the U.S. Mint.

In John Mercanti’s 49-year history of designing coins, his career has just reached new heights. His latest masterpiece is a coin he designed for the British Royal Mint! In the Royal Mints 1,100-year history no outsider has EVER designed a coin for the Royal Mint!!… Until now.

In his private studio in New Hampshire John Mercanti quietly created what is sure to be his most historic coin design ever: “The Lion and The Eagle.” With his old school master craftsman technique, he hand engraved the plasters for this master piece that features the national symbols of the U.S. and Great Britain joined together for the 1st time ever on a coin.

As you might suspect the outcome is amazing. Both the lion and the eagle are side by side facing to their left. The details are absolutely perfect. Mercanti is such a perfectionist he spent 3 days at a zoo studying the lion, to get it anatomically correct.