Britannia 4pc Silver



In 1987, The British Royal Mint entered the Modern Era of Gold coins with a brand-new Britannia design that was so stunning, it promptly won The Coin of the Year award for Best Gold Coin. It featured the Britannia figure standing on the British shore with her feathered helmet, & long gown flowing in the ocean breeze. She’s holding Neptune’s spear in one hand and the British shield in the other one. It truly is a stunning design; and of course, Queen Elizabeth’s portrait was on the reverse.

For almost 9 months now, the coin world has been eagerly awaiting the new Britannia. Much like the US Mint changed the designs on the silver & gold Eagles for the 35th anniversary, the UK had planned to do the same with the Britannia, but everything was delayed with the Queen’s passing.

The brand new, 2023 design has shocked the coin world!! It features Britannia charging up out of the ocean in a chariot being pulled by 2 horses that are ½ horse, ½ sea serpent. She’s holding Neptune’s spear in one hand and the British Shield in the other. The detail is so incredible, they’ve captured the wild look in the horses’ eyes. We think it’s a lock for another Coin of the Year award.

We have just received our allocation of the 4-piece silver sets which includes a 1oz, 1/4oz, 1/20oz, 1/40oz all .999 – 3 – 9’s pure silver. It’s in a leather presentation case with a story booklet and a certificate of authenticity.