We curate world-class coins that unlock your alternative investment power.


We curate world-class coins that unlock your alternative investment power.

With over 30 years of experience and knowledge, International Coin Alliance has a long history in numismatic coin investment. As full time specialists in all aspects of coin collecting and investments with an eye towards excellence, we have earned a solid reputation for customer satisfaction throughout today’s complex market.

Founded by longtime industry expert, Keith Jacobsen, International Coin Alliance has expertise with tens of millions of dollars in collectible coin sales. Recognized as a leader in the industry, Jacobsen has established a partnership with the British Pobjoy Mint, the oldest private mint in the world, with International Coin Alliance operating as their Special Services Department.

About Us
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Rare & Historical Coins

Determining the rarity of a coin is one of the key factors in establishing its value. From rare national coin finds to international discoveries, browse our selection of limited releases and ancient pieces.


Featured Coins

Collectible coins and uncirculated sets will add value to any investment portfolio. Our wide collection of featured authentic coins and sets have been curated by our experienced numismatists to offer you some of the best coins in today’s market.


Coin Sets

We travel the world in search of rare, uncirculated pieces and combine them into their original collectible sets. Our coin sets allow you to build an investment that is portable and transferable with maximum return value.

International Coin Alliance’s mission is to help our clients improve and add value to their collections and portfolios at the very best prices possible.

Common Investment Concerns

  •   I need an investment that can make money
  •   I need an alternative investment for future generations/gifts
  •   I need an investment that is portable and transferable

Benefits to investing in collectible coins

  •   Rare coins have proven to be a sound investment that usually increases in value over the long term.
  •   Coins are very easy to be passed down, and are only taxed when sold for a profit, so they can be exchanged tax free
  •   Coins are portable and easy to move. They are internationally recognized and exchanged.

Our Guarantee


Payment Plans

We offer payment plans to established customers



We insure all packages for duration of delivery


Money Back

We offer a 30 day, no questions asked, return policy


“Since I have been working with ICA, all transactions have been quick, easy, and I have never had a problem with delivery.

I can count on the fact with 100% certainty that the pieces are 100% genuine and I have complete faith in ICA’s integrity.”

Karl K.

“My ICA sales rep has a knack for knowing what coins I am interested in. His presentations are always spot-on and his pricing is fair.

In addition, when he says he will do something, I can always count on him. Shipments have always been on time and in best condition.”

Frank S.

“For me, it takes time to go through a transaction. ICA listens and answers any questions I have. There is no pressure sales pitch, it’s just the information that I need and then my decision.”

Tim R.



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When you love coins like we do, it feels like you can never have enough, but our team at International Coin Alliance can help you get one step closer!  Read More