2022 1oz Sierra Leone King Tutankhamun Silver Pyramid Shaped Coin


In honor of the centennial anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s in 1922, this coin comes minted in the shape of the pyramid and sand collected at the Pharaoh’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings! Struck in pure 99.9% fine silver this coin come in a stunning sensational Brilliant Uncirculated finish. The reverse depicts the famous Death Mask of King Tutankhamun centered within the pyramid contrasted against a field of hieroglyphic characters. The observe displays the Republic of Sierra Leone coat of arms with the inscription “Republic of Sierra Leone” and “2022”. The emblem is surrounded by patterns of hieroglyphics which overlaid the inscription “TUT,” “ANKH” and “AMUN” in the three corners. Exquisitely crafted with just a mintage of 500, secure this spectacular coin to your collection!

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