2020 Big Cats- Cheetah 2 oz Silver High Relief Silver Proof


The Cheetah is the release of the 2nd coin in the series that features the ‘Big Cats’ of the world. This stunning new series is issued on behalf of Sierra Leone, with this series being produced in magnificent High Relief to truly capture the power of these stunning animals.

The second coin in the series features the world’s fastest land mammal, The Cheetah, reaching speeds of 60mph in only 3 seconds. The Cheetah is built for speed, being slender with long thin legs and a long tail. Their black tear-shaped streaks on the face help to reflect the sun when hunting. Adults can weigh anywhere from 46lbs (21kg) to 158lbs (72kg). This big cat is the only one that cannot roar.

The second coin in this series depicts the Head of a Cheetah with the word “CHEETAH” incused and the words “BIG CATS” raised. The denomination of $20 is displayed on the obverse of the coin. This coin will be presented in a unique acrylic presentation box with a certificate of authenticity included on the sleeve.

High Relief in 2oz Fine Silver coin

Second coin in the five coin ‘Big Cats’ series

Presented in an acrylic box with a complimentary outer sleeve

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