2019 $20 Big Five- Buffalo Proof 2 oz Silver High Relief Proof


The final coin in the stunning collection featuring the Big Five African Animals is the unpredictable Buffalo. Issued on behalf of Sierra Leone, these magnificent coins are produced in High Relief that accentuate the capacity of these iconic five African Animals.

If you are planning a trip to Africa these iconic Big Five animals are the ones that come to mind quickly, they are magnificent in strength and presence and will capture the imagination of any Safari trip. The term ‘the Big 5’ was originally created by game hunters to represent the most difficult game to hunt but thankfully when you go on a safari these days the only item you will be pointing at the magnificent animals is a camera. 

The fifth and final coin in the series features the Buffalo, the only animal of the Big 5 not to be endangered. There are millions across the world, particularly of the water Buffalo variety used commonly for preparing land for farming purposes and carrying heavy loads.

The African Buffalo is a slightly different species to the domesticated Buffalo. Used to fight off predators such as Lions and Crocodiles, they can be wild and unpredictable. They are considered by many to be the most dangerous of the Big Five to game hunters, with wounded animals likely to ambush and attack the hunter.

The coin has been produced in stunning High Relief in 2oz Fine silver. The coin features the head and horns of the Buffalo looking on with purpose. The special incused rim features an African pattern to continue the theme.  This is the final coin in the 2019 series of the Big 5 and is a must have to complete this impressive collection.

2019 2oz Proof Fine Silver High Relief $20 Coin

Issued on behalf of the Bank of Sierra Leone

Issue: 500

Presented in a unique acrylic box with a sleeve certifying the authenticity

Fifth issue of a series of five magnificent coins!



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