Saddle Ridge


In early 2013, a young couple known and “John and Mary” were taking a walk with their dog when they noticed a rusty can partially buried in the ground at the edge of their favorite trail. John who had noticed the can during prior walks, used a nearby stick to unearth the can. Unlike most of the old containers that had turned up over the years, this one had both ends intact. As he pulled the can from the ground, it’s lid slid off. The edge of a single gold coin broke the surface of the muddy gravel within the can. Returning to the site over the course of a week, they managed to locate another seven cans, each filled with rare gold coins. In all, 1,427 U.S. gold coins with a face value of $27,980 were uncovered in an area they nicknamed ‘Saddle Ridge’. Little did they know that they had just made… THE GREATEST BURIED TREASURE FIND IN U.S. HISTORY!!

Coin US $20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle Grade MS62 1889S

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