1700’s America’s First Gold Dollar: The Spanish Half Escudo


Referred to as “America’s First Gold Dollar” the Spanish Half Escudo was recognized throughout the Americas as legal tender until 1857.

Buried by Buccaneers, lost at sea or stashed away in some hidey hole, some of these coins survived over 200 years to be discovered in a small hoard.

ICA has secured a limited number of these highly collectible coins dated between 1742 and 1788. Gold coins from this period can be worth over $50,000.

Each coin is graded as XF-AU condition. It is highly probable that the coin you receive was in circulation during pivotal periods of American history. Imagine holding your coin and feeling its connection to famous Americans of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Prior to 1849 if a gold dollar passed through the hands of Ben Franklin, George Washington, Davey Crocket, or Jim Bowie, it was the Spanish Half Escudo.

Now is the time to add this historic America’s First Gold Dollar to your collection.

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