2022 $50 1-oz Gold American Eagle NGC MS70 First Releases w/Eagle Label


America’s 2022 Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagles are the official gold coin of the United States. First released in 1986, the American Gold Eagle is one of the world’s leading gold bullion coins and is among the most popular annual releases with stackers and collectors around the world. In 2021 the design changed, and that new design is back for 2022.

NGC MS70 First Releases

The famous image designed by American Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907 for the $20 Gold Double Eagle that shows Lady Liberty walking forward with a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other on the coin’s obverse. The coin’s reverse is the work of Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) artist Jennie Norris and was sculpted by Mint Medallic Artist Renata Gordon. It displays an “Eagle Portrait” that features a close-up profile of a bald eagle that captures the intricate details of its plumage and its steely gaze.

Perfect One-Ounce Gold Eagles From Among the First Released

Here you can secure the $50 Gold Eagle struck in a full ounce of highly pure 91.7% fine 22-karat gold. Plus, each 2022 Gold Eagle available in this offer has been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as being in flawless Mint State-70 (MS70) condition, a distinction that means these perfectly-graded coins have ZERO imperfections — showing all features and fields exactly as the engraver and mint intended. In addition, NGC has certified that these Gold Eagles are First Releases (FR) coins, a designation that means they were received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository within the first 30 days of their release. Each will also come sonically sealed in an acrylic holder with a white display core and encapsulated with an Eagle label.

These U.S. Gold Bullion Coins Are Not Available To The General Public

The general public can’t purchase 2022 One-Ounce Gold Eagles like these directly from the U.S. Mint. Only approved bullion distributors can buy them directly from the source.


  • THE ULTIMATE SAINT-GAUDENS CREATION . . .– These One-Ounce Gold Eagles exhibit a stunning design of Lady Liberty walking forward with focus and purpose, torch in one hand and olive branch in the other. Originally introduced on the famous 1907 $20 Double Eagle and born from a collaboration between Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Theodore Roosevelt, this design reveals beautifully intricate details with each viewing.
  • . . . PAIRED WITH THE PORTRAIT OF A REGAL EAGLE – This coin’s full, close-up portrait of an American Bald Eagle was created by graphic designer Jennie Norris, serving as a perfect modern companion to Saint-Gaudens’ vision.
  • EXPERTLY STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE GOLD – The craftspeople of the U.S. Mint are known around the world for their skill and attention to detail. It’s this talent that transforms each one-ounce planchet of 91.67% fine gold into a breathtaking work of numismatic art measuring 32.7 mm in diameter.
  • UNITED STATES LEGAL TENDER – Minted in gold mined in the United States with weight and content guaranteed by the U.S. government, each 2022 One-Ounce Gold Eagle coin is $50 legal tender, as seen on the coin’s reverse.
  • PERFRECT UNCIRCULATED CONDITION – Your 2022 One-Ounce Gold Eagle has been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in perfect Mint State-70 (MS70) condition.
  • KEY FIRST RELEASES CERTIFICATION – NGC has certified that your Gold Eagle is a First Releases (FR) coin, meaning that it was among the first struck by the mint and was verified within the first 30 days of issue. It will come sealed in an acrylic holder with a white display core and an Eagle label.

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