Mythical Creatures: The Siren Iridescent Effect 2oz Fine Silver High Relief in Antique Finish


This Mythical Creature coin series illustrates famous myth known all over the world. Designed to thrill, entertain and inspire listeners, ancient Myths contain morals which teaches different virtues: love, courage, self-reliance, strength and also vices such as jealousy, greed, treachery and greed have consequences.  The first coin in the series features the Siren. Sirens, beautiful but dangerous creatures that lures the sailors with their beautiful voices and music to their doom.  The coin is truck in fine 2oz .999 Silver High Relief Antiqued Finished with an Iridescent Effect. The coin depicts a Siren sitting on the rocks playing her harp with skulls seen around her on the rocks represent the sailors that had previously been lured and their ships wrecked. The coin’s obverse shows the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. With a limited issue of just 250 world wide, add this mythical creatures series to your collection!

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