2022 Niue 1oz Thomas Jefferson Chibi Proof Mount Rushmore Series


Mount Rushmore Series 2nd release of four of our greatest presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Now reduced to a more portable size in this Mount Rushmore Series of colorized Chibi shaped coins. This coin depicts Thomas Jefferson, our nation’s third president and the author of the Declaration of Independence. The art of Chibi style features adorable little characters with large heads, large eyes, and small bodies. Slang for a small or diminutive person, it first appeared in Japan and found its way into anime and manga comics. It since spread to America where it’s among the most popular art forms today. Struck in pure 99.9% fine silver by the New Zealand Mint in proof condition and will come in a retail friendly graphic display box. With a mintage of just 2,000 worldwide you might want to get your hands on this Mount Rushmore Chibi series and added to your collection. When all four Mount Rushmore Chibi coins are lined up from left to right starting with Washington and ending with Lincoln, the boxes will complete the American flag!

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