3oz Silver Yin & Yang Dragon Tiger Coin


Ancient, interconnected forces – Yin & Yang – embodied by the tiger and the dragon

Adopted by Taoism as “The Way,” Yin Yang is the principle of opposing, yet complementary forces, required for achieving natural universal balance. Regarded in Chinese mythology as the conqueror of evil spirits and protector of good, the powerful and benevolent tiger represents Yin. She symbolizes feminine energy, patience, and absorption. The Eastern dragon, the ruler of the heavens, represents Yang. He symbolizes masculine energy, protection, and dominance.

These two powerful beings encircle each other in an everlasting figure-eight pattern. Accentuated by a beautiful antique finish, and struck in a hefty 3oz, 99.9% silver, this coin’s stunning High Relief finish, details each distinctive dragon scale and tiger stripe. While the number eight is already considered a lucky number in Chinese tradition, the number three is a supremely lucky number. Only 333 of these striking coins were minted for worldwide distribution.

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