2020 China 35th Anniversay 10PC Silver Panda Stamp Set


35 years ago, China Postal Service began issuing stamps with attractive panda designs. Over the course of 30 years these stamps were released, the 35th Anniversary Silver Panda Stamp 10pc Collection. Each of these 10 silver planchets come struck in 4g of 99.9% fine silver in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. The designs are separated by released dates. The first six are designed and released by Mr. Zuoren in 1973 and then another four was designed and released by Mr. Meilin Han in 1983. These designs were the forebears and groundwork for China’s immensely popular Silver Panda series. As this set was a bit of “forbidden fruit” as it was produced solely for the Chinese domestic market and not intended outside of their borders. In order to secure a set, one had to go directly to the China Postal Service or a bank within the country to get it.

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